Hadea Fisher

I help type 1 families work through and prevent diabetic burn out.

I help kids own their diabetes so they can be safe and their parents can relax.


Help! My Teen has Diabetes: The Resource for Frustrated Parents


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I do one on one coaching with families and type 1 kids.

I also do group support calls and speak on diabetes burn out and caregiver fatigue.

Let’s chat to see if I can help you and your kid move from chaos and fear to safety and sanity.



About Me

I am a coach and advocate for families of type 1 diabetics, particularly as they approach and navigate the rough emotional years of adolescence. I have been diabetic since age 7 and dealt with anxiety and depression myself during her youth, landing myself in the hospital multiple times due to my emotional discomfort with her diabetes. As a result I have pursued careers in healing and coaching for the past decade to help other people find ease during tough times.  I lives north of Seattle, Washington with my amazingly sweet little family.



Raising kids is a thankless, beautiful heart-wrenching thing. It pulls more out of you than you ever knew you contained, it requires you to show up again & again on limited sleep, with limited emotional resources, with your own physical discomforts. It is unyielding in its persistence. Parenting sucks in so many ways. Parenting a child with diabetes can border on terrifying.

Hadea Fisher - “Help! My Teen Has Diabetes: The Resource for Frustrated Parents”